Power-Patch doesn’t rely on your stomach to deliver its ingredients. It uses the largest organ in the human body, your skin, to deliver its blend of B-vitamins and caffeine. Formulated to provide a mild boost of energy to get you through today's ultra-competitive environments without overloading your system with stimulants that lead to the jitters or ingredients you can’t pronounce. It’s fast, mild on your system and long lasting. It’s that simple.

No more having to chug down sugar drenched energy drinks which leave you bloated, eventually running for the bathroom and adding to your waistline…” ALL” energy drinks, powders and bars have to pass through your digestive system in order to be absorbed before you receive any benefits. This requires consuming unwanted calories, sugars and strange ingredients, often times leading to digestive issues such as upset stomach, bloating and yup! Gas! This also wastes valuable time waiting for those ingredients to be absorbed and let’s face it, they doesn’t always taste that great (that’s why they use so much sugar). Don’t waste time, add unwanted refined sugars or high fructose corn syrup, calories and strange ingredients into your diet while risking annoying digestive issues when you don’t have too!

Do you know anyone who brags about using old technology when trying to gain an edge over the completion? “Hey Bob, I just bought a sweet typewriter and flip phone for my new business!” Sounds foolish. So does boosting your energy the old fashioned way. New technology has given us products with greater power, efficiency and convenience like Smartphone’s and tablets and so does Power-Patch. So why continue using last year’s model (i.e. old energy products) when Power-Patch offers a simple solution of B-vitamins and caffeine in a quick, convenient and discrete way to help power you through whatever you’re up against?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more information about our transdermal system and why Power-Patch is the simplest, quickest way to give your body a mild boost of energy without adding all of the other junk that comes with consuming drinks, energy bars and powders.
*Please Note: Safety is important so please consult your physician before trying this or any energy boosting product