Power-Patch is a revolutionary new energy boosting product formulated to deliver simple, energy increasing ingredients like B-vitamins and caffeine, through one of the fastest growing delivery systems used today. Power-Patch uses a 2 stage process to boost energy quickly and effectively, helping to increase and sustain your energy levels for hours at a time. The 1st stage uses 75 mgs of caffeine (see comparisons below) to jump start your system and get you going quickly. The 2nd stage deploys a range of B-vitamins to help your body convert fat and glucose into energy for up to several additional hours as well as reduce stress, improve mood, lower risk of heart disease and much more. Our system was created to reduce or eliminate the jitters experienced by many consumers while using other energy boosting products that come in cans, bottles or powders, while helping your body to convert what it already has in it, into energy. Nor will Power-Patch add to your waistline by forcing you to consume unneeded quantities of refined sugars or high fructose corn syrup, or require you to lug around bottles, cans or energy bars like our competitors.

Whenever or where ever you need a boost of energy simply slap on the Power-Patches and you’re ready to go! Whether you’ve missed a couple hours of sleep, feel tired from a long day on the job or just need an extra boost to get through a workout. Power-Patch will deliver, quickly and easily for hours! Students, professionals, athletes, moms and dads, construction workers, police officers and waitresses… Whether you’re a teenager or grandparent, you can benefit from Power-Patch.
Power-Patch doesn’t rely on your stomach to deliver its ingredients. It uses the largest organ in the human body, your skin, to deliver its blend of B-vitamins and caffeine. Formulated to provide a mild boost of energy to get you through today's ultra-competitive environments without overloading your system with stimulants that lead to the jitters or with ingredients you can’t pronounce. It’s fast, mild on your system and long lasting. It’s that simple.

No more having to chug down sugar drenched energy drinks which leave you bloated, eventually running for the bathroom and adding to your waistline…” ALL” energy drinks, powders and bars have to pass through your digestive system in order to be absorbed before you receive any benefits. This requires consuming unwanted calories, sugars and strange ingredients, often times leading to digestive issues such as upset stomach, bloating and yup! Gas! This also wastes valuable time waiting for those ingredients to be absorbed and let’s face it, they doesn’t always taste that great (that’s why they use so much sugar). Don’t waste time, add unwanted refined sugars or high fructose corn syrup, calories and strange ingredients into your diet while risking annoying digestive issues when you don’t have too!

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more information about our transdermal system and why Power-Patch is the simplest, quickest way to give your body a mild boost of energy without adding all of the other junk that comes with consuming drinks, energy bars and powders.
Power Patch – The Power Is In You!

Power Patch is a transdermal, energy patch that’s suitable for adults of all ages. These revolutionary, energy enhancing, patches are created using natural ingredients like B-vitamins while using minimal amounts of caffeine to boost your energy quickly while sustaining it naturally. Using B-vitamins and minimizing caffeine, Power Patch doesn’t produce many of the adverse side effects experienced with most other energy products on the market today (like those awful jitters) and are ideal for consumption by just about anyone looking for a mild boost of natural energy. Whether you’re a construction worker, an employee of a big firm, a police officer, a student, a mom, or an athlete, we all have days where we feel drained and could use a little extra boost. Thankfully, you have Power Patch to give you that extra boost of energy to help you achieve your daily goals, feeling more like yourself after a good nights rest. Once you start using these energy enhancing patches, you won’t feel the need to consume calorie dense energy drinks, nutrition bars, or supplementary powders that may produce side effects you don’t want. With Power Patch, you’ll feel the quick energy boosting benefits from the minimal amount of caffeine used, combined with the longer lasting energy befits of the B-vitamins as soon as you put it on and leave it on!
*Please Note: Safety is important so please consult your physician before trying this or any energy boosting product